[TRANS] The Boss Injun's Message

Hello, this is The BOSS's Energizer Injun~~!!

It's already 700 days since our debut today(>_<)It really does seem like time flies~~

To be honest, I only know it's our 700th day because of the tweets you guys sent me..!!

다들저녁늦게까지 안주무시고 12시딱 지나자마자 700일축하메세지가
All the 700th day congratulation messages you all sent me at exactly 12 by stayin up late

Through twitter really surprised me a lot....!!!!!^^You guys really are nice~~~

저는 지금부터시작이라고 생각해요~~!!물론지금까지도 여러분들 덕분에
I think of this as just the beginning~~!! Of course we're only here and come this far

여기까지 왔지만~~!!앞으로는 더더더더더 높은곳으로 여러분과같이 가고
Because of you guys~~!! I want to rise to and even more higher stance with

All of you guy!!!!!!!!!!!! To all those who have been cheering for us and sending us your love

No matter where we were, thank you. Because that's the reason I can sing with a happy heart

Each day and that's the reason I can smile each day...!! The same amount of love we've received

Since the beginning up until now....!! Let's continue onwards

Together~~!!!! Because we can go anywhere as long as we're together, right~~~!!

During hard times, happy times, sad time, if we all share the same feelings and protect each other

We can all go to the top~~~~~~~!!! Even though I can't leave a message

To the amount of thanks I have, even though it's a shame I can't..!!!! To be able to pay back with better songs and better performances

I will continue to give it my all!!!!!

I'm always happy because of you guys and I continue to smile each day because of you guy.
Let's go together for no matter how long. I really do love you guys.

Source: Injun @ The BOSS's Official Fancafé
Translator: 대국남아 사랑해!~ ♥ @ AstroMAFIA.com