[Photos] Yuri's message and selca on Japanese mobile website!

Girls' Generation member Kwon Yuri had to give up being an MC on Music Core to be cast on a new drama Fashion King. Yuri is currently filming the drama in New York.

Yuri didn't forget to update fans by posting new pictures with her message on Japanese mobile site.

Yuri wrote "Hello everyone, this is Yuri! I am acting in a Korean drama and I'm in the middle of shooting in New York. This is the river Hudson that runs through New York."

Yuri posted the picture above and she continued "The sunset that seems like it will take your breath away is very prettyWhat do you think of the picture I took? During filming breaks I walk around New York.The interior of this restaurant is really stylish."

Of course, the post is incomplete if there is no Yuri's selca so she shared the photo above and added "Beautiful right? I will do my best for the rest of the drama. This was Yuri from New York."

Yuri seems enjoying her time in New York to film the drama, it's good that even though she has a hectic schedule, she can still take a walk around New York.

Everyone is surely anticipating this drama because of this Girls' Generation member.

Credit translation: kkabbekky@soshified.com
source: kush1205@twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net