[Photo] Kim Bum Soo tweets photo from L.A. concert

Singer Kim Bum Soo shared a memorable photo from his recent successful concert in Los Angeles.

On February 7th, the singer tweeted, "The unforgettable concert in LA… it wasn’t about money and time but about love and passion and it will forever be a cherished memory for me. Thank you. I love you all so much… what’s up LA~~!!", and uploaded the photo above.

The photo shows a delighted Kim Bum Soo in front of a full-house at Los Angeles’ NOKIA Theater.

On January 27th, Kim Bum Soo kicked off his "Get Alright Show - I am Kim Bum Soo" concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The concert gathered over 7,000 audience, proving his tremendous achievement as a singer.