[Photo] Dara sends Valentine's greetings with CL's baby photo

On this special day of the year, 2NE1's Dara sent his fans a "sweeter-than-chocolates" Valentine's greetings.

On the 14th, she updated her me2day greeting, "Happy Valentine’s~!!! On this very same day, what did the Blackjacks who went solo do? Personally, I ate jaengban-jjajang* and bungeoppang** all by myself.. Nyam.. +.+ In celebration of Valentine’s, I have prepared something other than chocolate for you guys, she’s much more sweeter than chocolate! Throwing you Pudong’s baby picture! Ke ke ke It’s awesome! +.+ Isn’t it? Ke ke ke."

Attached in her message is a baby photo of her fellow member CL. In the photo, the adorable baby CL is seen wearing her winter outfit, doning a red sweater and yellow scarf. She shows off her charming eyes and adorable chubby cheeks, totally in contrary from the fierce and charismatic rapper in the present.