[News/Video] IU chosen as National Police Agency Ambassador!

"As the ambassador, I feel that I am shouldering a great responsibility. Up until yesterday, I was still of a student status, and my younger brother is currently still attending middle school too. Through my younger brother and the media, I've heard a lot about school violence. I hope to do my best as an ambassador, to do whatever is within my means to eradicate school violence."

Sports Chosun Photo Story - Police Officers "disarmed" by IU's arrival

The usual solemn facade of police officers crumbled in front of IU today. On Feb 10th, IU was appointed the National Police Agency ambassador for the prevention of school violence. The event was conducted officially in the police department's meeting room, but not only was the higher management present, even the young officers flocked over to see IU, causing quite a commotion. The police officers were all holding out their handphones and busy taking photos of IU. In front of IU, they turned into complete mush uncle fans filled with curiosity.

'I've arrived at the police department!'

Defending IU against the police officers heavily armed with handphones as they entered the venue.

The venue was jam-packed with officers dressed in black uniform, but because of IU, there was a friendly atmosphere!

The National Police Agency Commissioner is smiling widely too!

The police officers who are taking photos even more enthusiastically than the crowd of reporters.

"She seems even prettier in person."

200% engrossed in what they're doing

"I'll drop by more often in future!"

IU's autograph for the National Police Agency

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: YTN video, Sports Chosun, polonsori @ twitter