[News/Video] G-Dragon ranks #3 in “Real estate tycoon in the Entertainment Industry”!

G-Dragon ranked 3rd in “real estate tycoon in the entertainment industry”! On the tv show ‘eNews - lists revealed’ on the cable channel tvN (broadcasted on the 7th), they looked at the homes, price, living conditions, interior and the neighbors of celebrities.

It was said that G-Dragon currently lives in an apartment in Hajoong-Dong, Mapo-gu, which he bought for 1.7 million dollars.

Not only does is the apartment equipped with the latest technology and design, including an anonymous postal service, it also has one of the best views; being able to see Seogang bridge, Mapo-bridge, Kangbyeon road, and Yeoyi-do just outside the window of the apartment.

However, most celebrity homes are in Gangnam Ildae, or Hannam-dong. So why was it that G-Dragon decided to live in Kangbook? The reason is because YG’s head, Yang Hyunsuk lives in the same building. However, unlike G-Dragon, who bought the apartment, Yang Hyunsuk is currently renting it for 4 thousand dollars (USD).

Source: eNews//nyxtim3@YT/Translated by: Alex@BBU