[News/Trans] B.A.P Jongup, “Tougher than meat, my arms are Cheetos”!

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s dancing machine Jongup.
A 4-dimensional gag who created the phrases ‘Heavier than dumbbells B.A.P, B.A.P who runs fast’. When asked what he would do if he was to introduce himself “Eum… Tougher than meat Jongup? Why? I like meat” he said with a smile.
Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: Moon JongUp
Blood Type
Name: Moon JongUp
Blood Type: B
Family: Father, Mother, 2 Older Brothers, Me
Edication: Sunae Elementary School – Sunae Middle School – Hanlim Arts High School
Hobbies/Skills: Listen to music/ Dancing
Personality: Shy
How did you joined the members: I started to dance at a young age and dreams to be a singer
Ideal Woman: I have no specific ideal woman
Role Model: Chris Brown
Frequent Habit: Hearing the sound of my knuckles cracking
Usual Fashion Style: Street
Close Celebrity: SECRET sunbaenim
Favorite Food: Raw meet
Favorite Type of Music: Dance music & Hip Hop & R&B
Frequently Visited Place: Convenience store
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movie: <Step Up Series>
Favorite Number: 1
Motto: Always do what you like, and do what you want to do, and try your best to be happy

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com