[News] ZE:A Siwan offered lead role in new MBC sitcom

After leaving a strong impression on viewers with his acting debut on MBC "The Sun and The Moon", ZE:A's Siwan is now being brought back into the limelight.

Just recently, Siwan's schedule has become tighter as he has been cast in new KBS series "Man of the Equator." This time, he received yet another offer to play the lead in an upcoming MBC sitcom.

According to Star Empire on February 20th, Siwan was offered to play the male lead in MBC sitcom "Standby" (tentative title), set to air after current series "High Kick 3" which will end its run in mid-March.

"It is true that Siwan is a strong candidate for the lead role though we have yet to make a final decision since he is currently busy shooting 'Man of the Equator' in Busan," the official explained.

Siwan was cast to take the role of younger version of Lee Jang Il in "Man of the Equator" which is set to air every Wednesday and Thursday starting March 14th.