[News] Yongguk wants to have a joint stage with Yoseob!

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is Super Rookies B.A.P’s leader and also known as the rapper, Bang Yongguk.

Yongguk revealed that he wants to do a joint stage with BEAST's Yoseob by saying "Unfortunately, because of BEAST sunbaenim's activity, we weren't able to find a right time to meet. I would want to do a joint stage together with Yang Yoseob sunbaenim for our duet 'I Remember(아이 리멤버)'. Yang Yoseob sunbaenim! A lot of fans are waiting for us to perform the duet for once (laughs)"

Seem Yongguk really admired Yoseob because Yoseob is such a good singer.

Maybe the joint stage will happen soon so look forward to it.

Edited by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net