[news] YG Entertainment's building interior revealed!

You think you have seen YG Entertainment's building interior already but you haven't seen everything yet.

On the new episode of SBS "Midnight TV Entertainment" reported about Se7en's comeback after 1 year and 6 months of hiatus. In preparation for Se7en's comeback, they featured the YG Entertainment's building interior to see what Se7en's working atmosphere is like.

Entrance alone, the staff was amazed at the high tech fingerprint recognition system. Not just anyone can enter the building, very few outsiders get's the chance to enter the building. The building does not only boast a beautiful exterior with it's unique architectural design but the interior is filled with luxurious design and state of the art equipment's on the dance studio and recording studio's.

Se7en confessed that when he was still new, and YG Entertainment was also new, he would practice in the old basement studio at the former YG Entertainment building. He is proud and happy that YG Entertainment has grown a lot over the years and now boasts a huge office building equipped with the best facilities for the staff, artist and workers.