[News] Xiah Junsu’s spell… 99% of audience of Musical Elisabeth is female!

‘Some of men’s restroom doorplates were changed due to lack of women’s restrooms’
Kim Junsu, who gathers female fans like clouds for each musical performance, even changed restrooms of the theater.
As the ladies rooms of the Theater Bluesquare in Seoul reached the staturation point by female audience
during the intermission of the Musical ‘Elisabeth’, in which Kim Junsu acts as ‘Tod’, on last 15th, the Theater opened men’s restrooms on the first basement level (the first floor of the auditorium) to women. The resident manager of the theatre asked the male audience, who got restrained from entering the restroom, to “understand the situation as Kim Junsu appears in today’s performance.”
Although the Theater, which opened in last Novemeber, had realized there is a large number of female audience during domestic musical performences and increased capaity of women’s restrooms, it was not enough for Kim Junsu’s performance. The capacity of women’s restrooms of this theater has the highest standard in Korea with the rate of 25.9 seats per 1 female toilet while Charlotte Theater in Jamsil, Seoul has the rate of 33.5 seats per 1 female toilet.
This ‘plight’ had occurred because all the tickets of Kim Junsu’s performances were sold out and most of them were females. Interpark, the site for purchasing tickets, stated that the rate of female purchasers of Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ shows has exceeded little over 99%, and it is unapralleled in history of musical in larger theater in Korea even if female purchaser would take males to the performance.
All of 31,960 tickets for Kim Junsu’ 20 performances of musical ‘Elisabeth’ were sold out in around ten minutes. His shows are also considered as the only shows in which ticket touting occurs. There was a report that a ticket originally worth 150,000won is traded as 100,000yen (approx. 1,440,000won) in Japan. The Theater rents out around 100 opera glasses per show; howevever, the Theater plans to buy additional glasses as they run out in an instant for Kim Junsu’s shows.
Source: Kim Sungkyu / DongA news
Translation by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp