[News] X-5's Zin, "I graduated from high school", revealing proof shot with members!

Group X-5's member Zin, left his school in Seoul Kangnam's, known as Chungdam High School, after his graduation ceremony on the 3rd.

X-5's members came to congratulate Zin's graduation by showing up at the ceremony. They let their fans know about Zin's graduation by uploading a proof-worthy shot through their me2day.

Zin used twitter to express his thoughts on graduating by leaving a message saying "Everyone~ I graduated high school!" as with uploading a selca.

Zin showed himself wearing 'Going Crazy' outfits as well as holding up a V-sign with 4 different expressions.

Fans who heard of this news replied with comments such as: "Zin is officially an adult! Congratulations~" "Even though the weather's cold it seems that the graduation ceremony was spent warmly together with the member's there.." "We congratulate you on your graduation from the bottom of our hearts We hope that 'Going Crazy' is be a big hit!"

X-5 is currently promoting their follow-up song 'Going Crazy' on music programs which was released last December from their mini-album titled 'Dangerous'.

SOURCE: Segye News