[NEWS] X-5 says “We want to be recognized for our skills rather than our looks”

X-5 continues to attract attention with their distinct features, tall handsome looks and well defined statures which has earned them the nicknames of 'tall-dols' as well as 'model-dols' . But, their looks aren't everything. In order to show a complete performance with powerful dance moves, they practiced with sand-bags tied to themselves and practiced without hesitation as hard-working idols.

We met up with X-5, who are currently actively promoting their follow up song 'Going Crazy' from their second mini-album, in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. They seem to have more composure compared to when we first met them after their debut. The X-5 members didn't hesitate to smile and show their natural selves throughout the interview.

“Performing makes us very happy. Compared to the first mini-album promotions, we all feel that we've gained more confidence in ourselves. We still feel nervous as ever when we think about making eye-contact with our fans or staring into the camera but I think that we've learned to enjoy the stage more" (Taefung)

“I think X-5 is constantly happy. I think all the members got brighter in personality during this promotion cycle. I think that pleasant feeling is now visible to others as well. I think I gained more confidence when I hear the words "You guys did a really good job" after the end of the performance" (Zin)

X-5's follow-up song 'Going Crazy' was a co-production between hit Producer Rhymer who produced Mighty Mouth's 'Toktok', T-ara's "TTL" and Producer Master Key who produced Verbal Jint's "You Look Good". As much as the trendy hip-hop rhythm and powerful electronic sound is the point in 'Going Crazy' X-5's stage performance attracts attention with their masculinity and powerful choreography.

"Truthfully saying, comparing the title track 'Dangerous' and 'Going Crazy', 'Going Crazy' suits X-5 better as a group. The choreography is very powerful with some sexy moves which the fans react to well and seem to enjoy it. We think it's because of our tall heights that the powerful song and intense choreography suit us well" (Ghun)

"Truthfully, we thought a lot about whether we were showing too much of a strong image while preparing for this album. We also thought about doing a more bright and lively song but we believe that there is a style that everyone fits. Rather than going with the trends, we wanted to show everyone more of our own color" (Zin)

No matter where X-5 goes, they attract attention. With their exceptional appearances as well, but because of their physical stature of being an average height of 186cm. Even after debut, X-5 was known for their looks rather than their skills, which also caused misconceptions by netizens. "We heard of being kids of rich parents who put us 5 together as idols in a group. We were really hurt because of that. But, because it isn't the truth and we know it isn't, we just passed over things like that." (Ghun)

"We are very thankful for the nicknames 'Tall-dols' 'Model-dols' but we feel as if we're only being judged by our looks which is really disappointing. We want to be recognized for our skills. In order to do so, we'll have to work even harder and show a much better side of us." (Zin)

What could be the most pondered thing by the X-5 members? All of the members answered with one voice. To quickly find a place. Because of the newer rookie-groups that are debuting, which in numbers cannot be counted with our hands, X-5 also seems to have hoobaes even though it hasn't been a year since they have debuted.

"We have this greed to find a place a little quicker. In a blink, it seems, a lot of idols have debuted. But, I believe that working hard is more important than anything. And when we do that, I have this anticipation that our chance will come by also. If you don't give up your dream and continually pursue it, I believe that it'll be fulfilled." (Ghun)

Although their age, personalities, and images differ, they are working towards the same goal and performing together under the name of X-5. "To get the rookie award is every rookie group's dream. But, while performing we realized how hard that is. First, our goal is to let our name be known to the public. Then, we really want to get 1st place within this year."