[News] Who are the top 6 prettiest stars in SM Entertainment?

On February 21st, a topic about “SM Entertainment’s Top 6 Beauties” has been posted to several online communities, grabbing the attention of netizens. In the compilation, former S.E.S member, Eugene ranked first proving she is indeed the 'original fairy' with her timeless youthful beauty.

CSJH The Grace's Lina followed Eugene and the famous ulzzang actress Go Ara took the third spot. The fourth beauty in the list went to actress Lee Yeon Hee, who almost became a Girls' Generation member while Yoona of Girls' Generation and f(x) member Sulli took fifth and sixth spot respectively.

Netizens commented, "SM really does have many beautiful stars", "I think Eugene is the prettiest", ”Lee Yeon Hee is so gorgeous” and more.

Who do you think are SM Entertainment's prettiest stars?