[News] Which social gathering is the best that even idols wish to join? (FC MEN #1)

MBC Everyone will reveal the ‘best 7 idol private organizations’ voted by idols for ‘Real chart! Idols’ self-ranking’ from ‘Weekend Idol.’
Meanwhile, FC MEN was selected as the gathering the most idols wished to join.
FC MEN is a soccer team made by JYJ’s Kim Junsu, and contains many handsome idols like Beast’s Doo-joon, Gi-Kwang, Yo-seob, Kim Hyunjoong, 2AM’s Jinwoon, Changmin, Seulong, etc. Not only male idols who love sports wanted to join the team, but many female idols who would like to succeed Nicole (KARA)’s position(manager)voted for the team as well.
The result of ‘Best 7 idol private organizations’ voted by idols will be revealed on coming 25th at 2pm on ‘Weekend Idol’ from MBC Everyone.
Source: Sports World/ Reporter Choi Jungah
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp