[news] Uee to focus more on After School now that Ojakgyo brothers ended

After School's UEE will be focusing more on her activities with After School rather than acting.

Recently, UEE's KBS Drama "Ojakgyo Brothers" have finished filming their last episode and that marks the end of Uee's acting commitments for now. For a while, Uee have been missing After School promotion's to focus more on her acting and had to miss performances due to filming commitments.

But now, UEE will be focusing on her After School promotions. She will be joining various advertising activities and promotions. An official said, "Uee will be meeting fans soon as a member of After School, She is currently an MC in music bank and she misses being on stage together with the rest of After School. For After School's Japan concert, you can expect Uee to be there and show a really nice stage".

Meanwhile, After School will be making a comeback in Japan with their first studio album "Playgirlz" which will be released on March 7 and have their first solo concert tour in April on Japan.