[news] TVXQ's Yunho caught screaming at a fan?

Recently, photo's of TVXQ's Yunho at the airport in Thailand has surfaced online and has caused quite a stir among netizens. The photo's were titled "Yunho shouting at a fan" and along with the photo's came a video.

Yunho was recently scheduled to visit Thailand for a filming for an advertisement and when Yunho arrived, fans were there to welcome him, however things complicated as the fans flocked all over Yunho causing crowding. The situation got out of hand as security had a hard time controlling the crowd, it went to the point that Yunho cannot walk forward anymore due to the crowd.

Because of this, Yunho tried to say "Excuse me" to the fans so that he could pass safely without anyone getting hurt, he even removed his sunglasses so he could see properly. According to the fans present, Yunho even helped those who fell down. In the photo's however, netizens misunderstood Yunho's expression as if he was angry and shouting. However, the netizens found it really touching that he was concerned of his fans safety. Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to release their new single "STILL" in Japan this coming March 14.