[News] Thunder: “I’ll Pick Sandara Park Noona’s Husband Myself”

Idol group MBLAQ‘s Thunder, reveals his affection for his older sister, 2NE1′s Sandara Park.
On the live broadcast of YTN’s “News And Issues” on the afternoon of the 13th,MBLAQ appeared as guests. MBLAQ talked about their season in Hello Baby, taking care of children from muti-cultural backgrounds.
Thunder said, “I’ve only seen a few children from families with foreign parents, and the show never had one before. The children are all cute and I’m glad that I was given this chance to raise them.
He was then asked, “When your older sister, Sandara Park gets married, would you help take care of your future nephew/niece?” To which Thunder replied, “I think I have enough confidence in my skills.

Anchor Jung Chan-Bae asked, “When do you think your older sister, Sandara Park, would get married?” Thunder replied, “I don’t know exactly, but I hope that noona gets married late,” he said, making people curious as to the reason behind his answer.
He continued, “As her brother, I want to be able to personally choose the man that would get the chance to marry my sister,” he said, revealing his attachment for Sandara Park, and showing their extraordinary sibling relationship.
On the other hand, MBLAQ has won the award for their new song “This Is War” on cable channel MNet’s program “MCountdown” for two consecutive weeks already.

Sources: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara