[NEWS] TEEN TOP, receiving love from a big senior, rises to become ‘the happy idols’! Even Uhm Junghwa is ‘in love with TEEN TOP’

‘The in-trend idols’ TEEN TOP are at the receiving end of endless love from female celebrities.
On various broadcasts, when asked which male idols they pay attention to, the girl groups have pointed out TEEN TOP and this had been a hot topic. And now they have even captured the heart of the big senior in the music industry, Uhm Junghwa.

On the 9th at SBS ‘Choi Hwajung’s Power Time’, when Choi Hwajung asked Uhm Junghwa about ‘the boy group that has caught your attention lately’ and she replied without any hesitation, “”I like TEEN TOP. Lately I find TEEN TOP really cute”. Her endless affection for TEEN TOP has garnered much attention

The netizens showed a variety of response “Following the girl groups that are in love with TEEN TOP, even Uhm Junghwa has joined in… they are indeed the influential idols” “They are at receiving end of the endless love from female celebrities”, “I’m envious of TEEN TOP has they are able to receive all the attention of the music industry’s seniors and juniors”

On the other hand, TEEN TOP has been receiving ceaseless love calls for performances and commercials from Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian countries which shows that they are not only receiving the attention in Korea but in other countries as well.

eng trans: @oursupaluv
source: The Star Chosun