[NEWS] TEEN TOP the 7 reasons why they are the trend in the music industry

The rate at which TEEN TOP has been rising up to become the trend in the industry is intimidating.
With their title track ‘Crazy’ they have won 1st place on both KBS ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd, SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 5th. During MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 4th they performed the ending stage and received the treatment of the 1st place winners

It took TEEN TOP 1 year and 6 months to conquer the top of the music industry. TEEN TOP debuted with ‘Clap’ in July 2010; ad through ‘Supa Luv’, ‘No More Perfume On You’ they have showcased transformation and growth music-wise and through their fanciful performances.

In particular, this 1st place win is the first for a male singer in 2012, where IU, T-ara and other singers have dominated the charts earlier this year; hence it encompasses great meaning

We will now look into the reasons why TEEN TOP has risen up to be the best idols of 2012 and the trend in the music industry.

Dominating the music programmes

With their title track ‘Crazy’ TEEN TOP has risen up to the top of KBS ‘Music Bank’ on the 3rd and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 5th. During MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 4th, they performed on the ending stage. For a programme that does not have a chart, performing last is receiving the 1st place treatment.

It took TEEN TOP 1 year and 6 months to rise to the top of the music industry. Debuting with ‘Clap’ in July 2010, through ‘Supa Luv’ ‘No More Perfume On You’ they have shown growth and not only the teenagers are hoping that they’ll win the highly coveted 1st place, people in their 20s and 30s are hoping that they will too, displaying their increasing popularity.

They are the influential idols even on variety shows

Through the previous Lunar New Year special programmes, they have been active, as expected of the influential-idols.

TEEN TOP had won in the Lunar New Year programmes - MBC ‘Idol Alkkaji Competition’ ‘Idol Athletics Competition’ etc, which allowed them to reign on the various search charts of search engine portal sites.

During the MBC ‘Idol Alkkaji Competition’ which TEEN TOP appeared on, Niel showed off his steady alkkaji techniques, “hitting two with one strike”, hence gaining much and earning the nickname of the ‘alkkaji messi’.

In addition Niel and Ricky won both the gold and silver medals for high jump at the MBC ‘Idol Athletics Competition’ that was broadcasted on the 24th and they rose up to be the ‘new athletic idols’

Through their me2day and twitter, Niel and Ricky uploaded selcas, showing their gold and silver medals. Netizens showed great response “Seeing TEEN TOP in a different light’ ‘Looking forward to TEEN TOP’s activeness in 2012”

Attention from overseas media
Following the mention on France television programme was the Brazil Entertainment news programme which introduced the 2nd mini album title track ‘Crazy’ music video, showing great global popularity.
TEEN TOP’s ‘Crazy’ was introduced on Brazil’s Rede TV ‘Leitura Dinamica’ on the 10th
Leitura Dinamica’ explained that TEEN TOP was more dynamic in their comeback with their 2nd mini album [It’s] title track ‘Crazy’ ‘The music video has already been considered one of the most viewed videos worldwide this year’.
Also globally, one of TEEN TOP’s Brazil blogs (http://teentopbrazil.wordpress.com) has already recorded 60 million hits and there are over 70,000 users; showing the great love of Brazil K-POP fans for TEEN TOP.
Brazilian netizens who visited the blog showed great response “So proud of TEEN TOP that has been growing more popular globally’ ‘We hope to see TEEN TOP perform in Brazil’
On the other hand, TEEN TOP was mentioned last year on a famous French TV show ‘Le Grand Journal’ where they introduced their activities for ‘Supa Luv’, and gave high praises from their performances; this became a hot topic.

All different kinds of nicknames, burning love from fans

Handcuff-idols, Gotta love-idols, gigu-idols, boyfriend-idols, younger-idols…. There are so many adjectives to describe TEEN TOP.
With ‘No More Perfume On You’ last year, TEEN TOP shook the hearts of noonas gathering a lot of older noona fans.auntyfans, becoming the representative ‘younger-idols’ When they just debuted they are all in their teens and although they like them but they feel guilty, so the ironic handcuff gag was born. It was the gag where when you like TEEN TOP, you’ll need to be handcuffed.
Hearing about ‘the handcuffs’ the TEEN TOP members expressed their wish ‘Now I think we can feel our popularity, it’s alright to like us, you won’t be handcuffed, please like us as much as you want’ Now they have lived up to the name of ‘in-trend idols’
Lee Hyori and girl groups ‘in love with TEEN TOP’
TEEN TOP have shaken the hearts of Lee Hyori and other girl groups. On different broadcasts, female stars have chosen TEEN TOP as the male idols they pay attention to
Recently an online celebrity board, the post titled ‘The female idols who are interested in TEEN TOP’ has become a hot topic.
On the 1st, during the recording of MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idol’, she was asked about ‘Is there a male idol which has been attracting your attention and you want to treat him to a meal, as of late?’ and her reply became a hot issue ‘TEEN TOP has been doing well, Niel, you’re quite cute?’

Last year Lee Hyori chose TEEN TOP as the younger idol guys she wants to be paired up with for the photoshoot which gathered lots of attention, Wonder Girls Sohee picked TEEN TOP as the ‘male juniors whom you pay attention to for their performances’
Miss A declared themselves as fans of TEEN TOP and they want to have a combined stage, After School Gahee chose Niel as the male idol she wants to receive words of encouragement from.
Also the youngest member of 4minute Kwon Sohyun revealed ‘I want to go on ‘We Got Married’ with TEEN TOP’s L.Joe whom I filmed the music video with’, thus making many jealous. In addition, TEEN TOP has revealed selca photos with Park Siyeon, Park Boyoung and other female stars.

You can tell TEEN TOP’s popularity by the number of performances they have featured in; NS Yoonji with C.A.P, Fat Cat with Chunji and Wink with L.Joe-Chunji, which have been attracting much attention.

‘Surprise-idols’ – ‘Congestion causing-idols’ The extent of their popularity

TEEN TOP’s hot popularity has surprised many.
On the 1st at an album retail shop in Gwangju Chong Jungro, TEEN TOP held a autographed session which caused many fans to gather and the police were mobilised to disperse the crowd.
There were throngs of people outside the shop who had waited to see TEEN TOP even before the autograph session had started. When the autograph session had ended, because of the amont of fans, TEEN TOP took close to an hour before they could leave the shop.
Because of the complaints from the retailers nearby, the police was mobilised, after dispersing the surrounding crowd, TEEN TOP was finally able to leave the venue of the autograph session.
The person in charge of the album retail shop was surprised “We have had many autograph sessions recently but we have never had so many people gathered here before” “TEEN TOP’s popularity is really shocking”
Also parents of elementary, middle, high school students had many calls and complain to TEEN TOP’s company which engaged the telephone lines. In order to watch the music broadcasts which TEEN TOP appears on, they have to leave the house early in the morning and the parents can only let out a sigh.

TEEN TOP’s company received a number of calls from parents “In order to go for the public broadcasts, they have to get up early in the morning to prepare but there aren’t any public transport available them so we have to fetch them there ourselves”, “They obviously don’t know the way to the broadcast station but they say they have to leave early with their friends so they won’t miss the reporting time. The broadcast starts late so I don’t understand why have to report so early” etc…
Recently, TEEN TOP’s cuss word controversy had stirred up the internet. Following which producer Brave Brothers explained that “L.Joe’s “like heck” had to be rapped quickly so it might get misheard as a cuss word. It is not our intention. ‘Crazy’ has a BPM of 140, and it’s one of the faster songs that’s why something like this has happened’.

The perfect balance of individuality and teamwork

The TEEN TOP members have their own individual uniqueness like the idols at their peak – DBSK, Big Bang, 2PM, and at the same time they show great harmony which is why they have the potential for great development. The vocals are Niel and Chunji, rappers are C.A.P and L.Joe and the dancers are Ricky and Changjo; the defined distribution of roles is to their advantage. Having the star quality, members Niel and Ricky who were child actors have endless potential.
One of their strengths is that TEEN TOP is highly focused and they are fast learners. Brave Brothers spoke of TEEN TOP “When I give them something to do they exceed my expectations and as a producer, TEEN TOP is a group I covet for”
A relevant personnel of the music industry predicted “They have the energy and precision in their perfectly synced dance, along with the members’ individual charms and as a group they have outstanding style. TEEN TOP has great teamwork and they will become Korea’s representative best idols”

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Translation by @oursupaluv