[news] SNSD Yoona's valentines gift to fans is her 11 line chocolate abs?

SNSD member Yoona gives a very unique gift to her fans. On the 14th of February, a photo of Yoona has surfaced online and is making waves among netizens. The photo was a fan taken photo of Yoona on SNSD's Asian tour concert in Thailand which was held last 12th of February.

On the photo, Yoona can be seen wearing a shirt and dancing, stretching her arms up causing her abs to be seen. Yoona showed off her 11 line chocolate abs and fans are impressed on Yoona's figure. Netizens commented, "It seems that her valentines gift to fans is her chocolate abs", "She's really passionate in dancing", "Im worried that she might be a little bit too skinny", "Wow her figure is great!".