[NEWS] Sn@pp X-5's X-file

Introducing X-5. Remember them, as these boys will become the energy of even more noona fans, precious like a jewel, compared to any other boy-band!

ZIN: Pink Gradation PK Tee - NYBH / Washing Denim Pants - G-STAR RAW / White Buckle Leather Belt - Bean Pole Jean / White Sneakers - Model items / The rest - belongs to the stylist
SULHU: Yellow Gradation PK Tee - NYBH /Layered Blue Striped PK Tee - Ed Hawk /Washing Blue Shorts - Bean Pole Jean / Deep Grey Walker - Hawkins / The rest - belongs to the stylist
GHUN: Green-Yellow Color Round T-Shirt - NYBH / Layered Orange Checkered Shirt - Bean Pole / Yellow Chino Pants - Bean Pole / Orange Leather Walker - Aigle / The rest - belongs to the stylist
HAEWON: Blue Gradation Round Tee - NYBH / Blue Checkered Shrit - UNIQLO / White Washing Pants - Series / Blue Sneakers - Vans / The rest - belongs to the stylist
TAEFUNG: Pink Gradation Round Tee - NYBH / Layered Checkered Shire - UNIQLO / Washing Denim Pants - G-STAR RAW / Blue High Top Sneakers - Skono / The rest - belongs to the stylist

GHUN (1989.9.30)
183cm, Bloodtype: A
Leader, In charge of vocal and dance. Specialties include Special Martial Arts, Taekwondo and all those combined put him up to Rank 6. Is there anyone who doesn't want to be protected by this guy? If so, that woman must have no feelings or go to jail, one or the other! New Kids on the Block is one of his favorite musicians.

TAEFUNG (1991.4.28)
185cm, Bloodtype: AB
Main Vocal. Guitar, Soccer, of all exercises/sports, he does Taekyun the best.

ZIN (1993.7.20)
In charge of rapping and being the tallest at, 189cm. He asked X-5's Team Leader "What did you think of while picking this team?" probably the first response would have been 'height'. Will there be a group that could be proud of having an average height of 186cm?

HAEWON (1991.6.20)
In charge of Vocals and Emotions. Loves to swim, and plays the drums well.

SULHU (1995.9.7)
His name means "after the snow falls" which compares him to innocence. He is also in charge of rapping. He is a Rank 3 in Happkido and also is in charge of being the Maknae of the group! He is also in charge of washing dishes.

SOURCE: SN@PP Fashion Magazine