[News] SBS denies Kang Ho Dong's return to "Strong Heart"

SBS "Strong Heart" production team has denied the rumors of previous MC Kang Ho Dong coming back to the show.

On February 22nd, a representative of Strong Heart stated, "We have not heard anything about Kang Ho Dong's return as the host for the show and we aren't sure how the report regarding that matter came about."

"Lee Seung Gi’s final recording date hasn’t even been set. Right now is not the time to talk about the next MC. Also, just because the production team wants Kang Ho Dong back doesn’t mean it can happen. I am also worried that Kang Ho Dong might be hurt by these articles," the representative added.

The news about Kang Ho Dong's comeback sparked after the reports that the current host of "Strong Heart," Lee Seung Gi, will be stepping down as the MC of the show. Currently the production team and Lee Seung Gi are discussing on whether they’ll make March 1st or the 15th the last filming date.