[News] Pledis Denies "VeNuS" as a sub-unit, group still shrouded in mystery!

As reported before, "VeNuS" was said as a sub-unit/sub-group that will consist of with 3 A.S. member and 2 Pledis Trainees. it is also said that the 2 pledis trainee will not join the main Group A.S. and will only be part of the Sub-Group. 

@AryyeleYB asked Pledis Boss real name Han Sung Soo (@pledisboss) about the rumor if ‘Venus’ is indeed a sub-Unit. they tweeted “VeNus is a unit?
Pledis boss replied and tweeted No, no!
Meanwhile yesterday @Eyoung_bth asked Pledis Boss What’s Venus~?! T~T”.
Pledis Boss tweeted…Coming soon~~

So can you make a smart guess if what VeNus is?

Source: Afterschooldaze
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