[NEWS] NU'EST, to debut with trendy music genre 'Dubstep'

'Shuffle' dominated the music industry in 2011. the latest trend music genre in British/Western (U.K.) music industry is 'Dubstep' which is

expected to be a hot craze In 2012,

Dubstep is one of British/Western (U.K.) genre of electronic dance It's overall sound has been described as tightly coiled productions

with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, and clipped samples.

Urban Electro Band, NU'EST, is the first pledis boy group with 5 members who will produce new trend and style. The debut album is combined with

the most popular trend in the British/Western (U.K.) genre "Dubstep" which can evoke sensations and hype towards music.

NU'EST's debut song will show unique music style and with a fresh debut which is different

with two rookie boy groups who got many attention with their early debuts, EXO and B.A.P

Pledis Entertainment said: "Please give them a lots of love and attention, NU'EST's debut will give a lot of passion that will make fans

be addicted and poisoned with their music"

Source: The Star
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