[News] miss A, "We will show a romantic sensitivity"!

Girl group miss A from JYP entertainment, Suzy, Min, Jia and Fei aimed to be the best girl group in Asia. Shortly after their debut of "Bad Girl Good Girl" in 2010, their popularity rise to the sky as they travel back and forth from Korea to Taiwan and China where they have emerged as a star.

miss A's latest mini-album "Touch" was released on February 20 reached no. 1 spot on various music sites, as well as China's famous music video site "Yin Yue tai". Producer and singer Park Jinyoung wrote and composed their main track "Touch". The song is about one was hurt from previous love, and the pain surfaces as they begins a new one.

"We're so happy to greet our fans for the first time in so long." They told Hankyung in recent interview at a local cafe in Gangnam. "The choreography and melody of the main track "Touch" mixed well with the rest of the songs on our album. miss A's radical change from fierce to mature and feminine images has shown the soft and delicate sad emotions hidden underneath".

On the latest comeback stages, miss A delivered a dramatic performance. As they relieved the man behind this choreography, Mr. Jonte (who made the choreography for Beyonce's "Single Ladies") is considered one of the top choreographer in the world. miss A had never met the man, but they felt that they knew him through his video that he sent them.

Fei stated, "If you look even closer to our dance, you'll see the dramatic performance of expressing the sad love even through our finger movements. The performance was focused on how to move delicate yet beautiful like a rose. There are a lot of hand movements to focus on when we dance. We were told to have strength when dancing this song, but it's still a bit difficult for all four members. So we try to our hardest to restrain. We believe that older people understand and love this song more than younger people."

In order to express the lyrics through performance, producer Park Jinyoung told them to act out the lyrics. That was the different from their powerful performance changing to a dramatic performances, miss A used drama series and movies as reference to express these feelings.

Furthermore they talked about how Suzy debuted as "Go Hyemi" on last year's popular series KBS "Dream High", she has gone from playing a student to star in the next month's romance move "Introduction to Architecture" as "little Han Gain". Future plans to star in dramas and movie, and also to meet fans.

"The difficult part was the combination of acting, but it was a good experience. "Dream High" fit me, because I am still a high school student, I can relate to it. But in "Introduction to Architecture", it was reversed. My character as Seoyeon (older ver. played by Han Gain) is a college student." Suzy said.

miss A's Suzy who is still a high school student, has no experience as a college student. She found it hard to combine the experience and the role together. But, it was a good experience. She gets to experience different role, and learn from them.

miss A experienced a different change from China to Taiwan, as they appeared from radio stations to televisions. People tend to forget their faces but know their music through music videos on broadcasting programs.

Jia shared how they received more love and popularity in Taiwan comapre to China. As in Taiwan, they have music programs that informs the listeners about the latest groups, solo artists, new songs and so on. Jia said, "Taiwanese fans sing along with our korean lyrics and they write our names in hangul (Korean). I know a lot of middle students in China who loves Kpop. In China, most people would rather dance to songs with a quick and easy choreography, like Wonder Girls' "Nobody" was a hit - because of their easy choreography."

It is said that Jia and Fei have not been home for a year and a half, but when they were active in China. They were able to see their parents through broadcasting. Jia and Fei has a fairly fluent Korean honorific, but it was still difficult.

Fei admitted to Hankyung news that adapting from a culture to another was difficult, especially when learning Korean was hard. "Sometimes it's like you can not see the end of the hard work, and that made me scared too."

"Still, we're so proud to be apart of the hallyu K-pop wave. Half of our members has come the long way from China to become Asia's best singers. And some day, I want to debut in America too. We are prepared to bleed to overcome the loneliness and practice hard for your dream to come true one day." Jia said.

Source: hankyung news 
Reported by: mya@Ultimate-Adora.com