[News] miss A, "We put a lot of effort into this album."!

From the powerful performances of Bad Girl Good Girl to Goodbye Baby, the girl group miss A has finally returned after 7 months of hiatus, with their fourth project album Touch. miss A's fourth album Touch has become an instant sensation and with their music video for Touch at close to 3,000,000 views, you can definitely see that their popularity has been increasing.

Their first main track Touch has received an explosive reaction after it dominated the no. 1 spot on various real time music site charts. They raised up on the charts to no. 1 on China's famous music video charts Yin Yue Tai as well.

miss A commented “Our group's performances are different from other groups' performances and we're looking forward for comeback. We're looking forward to see our fans again after a long time. We put a lot of effort into this album from the hair and make up to the clothes to show our new image."

miss A's Chinese members Jia and Fei didn't get a chance to home to China, even on the last day of Chinese's Lunar new year because of they were preparing for their comeback. They had to cancel their tickets at the last minute. Fei explained that the new song Touch is very powerful and strong to meet up with the fans' requests, as they are used to miss A's fierce and powerful image. Fei continued to explain that their new look is very risky because they are unsure of how the responses are going to be.

She said, "You will feel that the emotions are clear in the song and drama performances as it is different from our previous performances. Compared to younger fans, the elders will probably love it more."

miss A’s Suzy replied and said, "The dance and the lyrics are focused on the emotions of the song and it is different from our previous performances. To express these lyrics and emotions we have to watch every movement as well as our finger gestures."

Touch is written and composed by one of Asia's top producers Park Jinyoung, also known as JYP. The song is about opening a wounded heart that should never be opened again, with a warm, kind touch. The song starts out in an addictive melody and lyrics that each member sang repeatedly.

On the cover of the mini album Touch, the members of miss A are lying under rose petals with a seductive, fascinating charisma gives you the remarkable feel of the atmosphere and exquisite mixture of the song.

The choreography for Touch was made by Jonte (He also made Beyonce's Single Ladies & Wonder Girls' Be my baby). miss A members learned his choreography from a video he sent them. Although they have never met him before, they feel that they know him a bit, from watching his movements. Suzy revealed the expectations, "We have to express our sad feelings through our singing, but while dancing this choreography - it is difficult to breathe so we have to restrain ourselves."

Jia added, "How to love again with a wounded heart, we have no experience in this. So how to express ourselves in facial expressions in detail was hard. We had to understand and act out the lyrics to express our feelings. The lyrics and expressions are different from their previous performances as they were straight forward, but here we have to perform a drama like stage for the song where we have to focus on how it looks to the end of their gestures. The dance performance is slower yet it seems faster with the sudden arm movements. The choreography is very different from the other groups' because the dance feels the sorrow and the sadness as the performances continues."

miss A's album Touch is comprised of six tracks; Lip, Rock & Rule, No Mercy, Over U, including their main track Touch and the Newport mix. Suzy said, "The fifth track Over U is a dynamic and pop dance track that is much different than Touch. It has good lyrics and rhythm and also a story that many fans can relate to."

Last year, miss A made their first debut in China and Taiwan with their special edition of their full studio album A Class. At an autograph event in Taiwan, miss A only expected about 500 fans to participate, but when 3000 fans showed up at the event, miss A was surprised. They never imagined so many people would meet up especially for an event near the subway. Even through it all, miss A was very thankful to those who took their time to see them.

Source: Segye
Credit: Mya
Reported by: FYMinyoung