[news] Miryo's title song 'Dirty' gets banned in KBS

Shortly after her title song "Dirty" gets banned from SBS due to it's lyrics, now it has also not passed deliberation from KBS. Unfortunately, Miryo's songs was seen unfit for public broadcast due to it's lyrics. Miryo also is set to have her comeback performance this week on KBS "Music Bank" and there is simply no time to change the song and apply for reconsideration.

An official from Miryo's agency said, "We simply do not have time to change the song in time for her comeback stage. Instead of her performing 'Dirty' she will be performing a different song instead". Miryo will be performing "Leggo" instead of "Dirty" due to time constraints.

Meanwhile, Miryo's solo album is receiving huge popularity among fans and her rapping abilities are receiving more recognition as well.