[news] Minah of Girls Days graduates from high schools and plans to proceed to college

Minah (19 years old) of Girls Day has finally graduated from high school. She attended the high school graduation ceremony along with her parents on the 3rd of February and despite her busy schedule, she still attended the ceremony and celebrated with her friends.

Last November, Minah took College SAT exams and right now she is considering to study in Dongduk Women's University and take a broadcasting major. Minah shared her thoughts about her graduation saying, "High School was a great experience and Im glad that I have graduated and will be going to college. I had a hard time coping up in school because of my schedule but im happy that I passed."

With Girls Day's new album release set for Japan this coming March and after in Korea, Minah will be busy with promotional activities and hopefully she can balance it with her studies as a freshman in college when the next term starts.