[News] Lee Hyori Donates 100 Million KRW for the Elderly

The warm-hearted singer, Lee Hyori, who actively volunteering in charity work, has donated a whopping 100 million won for the elderly.

On February 8th, the Beautiful Foundation revealed, "Lee Hyori came to the Beautiful Foundation in Ogin-dong and has donated 100 million won to helped establish a fund for impoverished senior citizens."

The fund is named the ‘Hyori Fund’ but is named after the Chinese characters for ‘dutiful person’ ( 孝 - Hyo) and ‘beneficial’ (利 -Ri)’. Thus, ‘Hyori Fund’, which certainly fits the foundation’s name, reflects upon Lee Hyori desire to help and support the elderly, particularly those who are struggling financially.

The Beautiful Foundation added, "Creating this fund has been on Lee Hyori’s mind for a while. Lee Hyori has been discussing the fund with the Beautiful Foundation since the end of 2011."