[News] Kim Raewon denies rumors of being charged for drunken assault

Actor Kim Raewon went about denying the fingers pointed at him regarding a drunken rampage.

His management company expressed that the accusations were ridiculous and is considering suing those who have published reports about him.

A policeman from the Yeoksam Precinct Office in the Gangnam Police Department said about the incident, “In October 2011, a drunken man was booked for causing a disturbance in a drunken state. At the time, he insisted that he was a body double, but he wasn’t popular enough for me to be able to recognize him.”

After the incident was made public through news reports, many netizens pointed at Kim Raewon as the culprit and his name started bubbling up on news and portal sites very quickly. Kim Raewon's managers have now started getting things straight.

Meanwhile, during that time, Kim Raewon was preparing for the SBS drama "A Thousand Days' Promise".