[News] Kim Hyung Jun to hold Japan tour next month

SS501‘s maknae Kim Hyung Jun's debut drama KBS "Glowing She! (She's Completely Insane!)" will make its premiere in Japan in March. In promotion for the drama, the idol will kick off a nationwide tour in Japan next month.

According to his official Japanese website, Kim Hyung Jun will kick off a promotional tour in three different cities with a total of six shows. He will hold mini concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

"Glowing She! (She's Completely Insane!)" tells the story of a star, a producer and a director, and the love triangle story that develops in the midst of their careers. Kim Hyung Jun acts as the top star, Kang Min, with the king of rudeness who will have a romance with broadcast writer, So E Hyun.

The drama, helmed by producer Lee Jung-pyo, is a 12-part series on KBS cable channel KBS-N. The pilot episode aired last January 7th.