[NEWS] Kim Gura gives Ledapple HyoSeok pocket money

Kim Gura gave money to a member of a rookie idol group.

Gagman Kim Gura willingly gave money to Ledapple member HyoSeok. Despite being late, it is currently receiving attention from the public.

Last week, Ledapple appeared on MBC SeBaKwi, a show which Kim Gura is one of the hosts. Kim Gura who is known for being stingy gave money to HyoSeok on Ledapple’s appearance at the show. The episode with Ledapple was broadcasted last Feb 4th. Although the part where Kim Gura gave HyoSeok money was edited out, it didn’t stop it from spreading.

After that, HyoSeok revealed the story itself on twitter. Hyoseok tweet from the 8th saying “On SeBaKwi, I received money from Kim Gura sunbaenim and Kim HakRae sunbaenim! Thank you for your support. I’ll do my best and stay strong.”

The reason for Kim Gura’s act is HyoSeok’s father. HyoSeok’s father is Kim EunWoo who is well-loved and well-received through his punchline “Who’s going to stop them?” Kim EunWoo together with gagwoman Lee SeongMi won the grand prize on TBC Gag Contest back in 1980 for the skit “Comedy Observatory”. The program gained popularity with Lee SeongMi, Lee BongWon, and Choi YangRak who eventually became Kim Gura’s sunbaes and grew to be friends with Kim Gura on SBS.

During the recording of SeBaKwi, drummer HyoSeok appeared and revealed that he is Kim EunWoo’s son that rapidly gained Kim Gura’s interest and gave him money to express his sincere encouragement. Also present as a guest on the show, Kim HakRae also willingly gave his colleague’s son some money, “Kim EunWoo is really his father” he said expressing his surprise.

Here are some of the responses from netizens, “Kim Gura, really?”, “So Kim Gura has this side as well”, “So how much was the money?”

Meanwhile, Ledapple is back with another addictive song “Time Is up”. With their state-of-the-art instruments such as the touch screen guitar, DJ emulator, and electronic drum, they will put on amazing and unique stages. Also, Ledapple member KeonU is the son of the famous composer and producer Park KwangHyun.

[Newsen Reporter Choi ShinAe] twitter @yshnsa

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