[news] Kara's Park Gyuri diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs 3 months recovery

KARA's Park Gyuri has been diagnosed with Vocal Chord Nodule and needs to halt activities and undergo surgery.

According to KARA's agency, Park Gyuri will be receiving surgery and treatment this coming 21st of February for her vocal chord nodule. In her situation, she need's to get surgery or else it will be difficult for her to be working as a singer. Park Gyuri has been working hard and the situation has piled up.

Park Gyuri has been active promoting domestic and oversea's. She is also part of a musical and she has been flying to and from Korea and Japan and now are having their first ever Asian Tour, with their very busy schedule, A surgery needs to be done. She has already been diagnosed with vocal chord nodule November Last and has been treated.

She needs about 3 months of recovery after her surgery and she will be undergoing a rehabilitation and treatment until their next concert in April in Japan for their Asian tour.