[news] KARA'S Kang Jiyoung graduates from high school!

KARA's Kang Jiyoung has finally graduated from High School! On the 8th of February, she attended the graduation ceremony with her family and friends along with her school mates. Kang Ji Young looked simple and adorable wearing her school uniform, a jacket and wearing minimal make up.

Being a member of the top Hallyu star KARA, reporters were also present on her graduation ceremony. Despite her busy schedule, Ji Young arrived in school on time and she immediately went to her friends and chatted with them and they enjoyed their graduation ceremony spending their last time together.

Kang Ji Young also shared her feelings about the graduation and said, "Im a little sad that I wont be wearing my school uniform anymore and I wont be seeing my friends in a long time but Im still happy I got to see them again and meet them at our graduation. Im quite disappointed that I feel sad, I thought I would be excited and happy the whole time. I wanted to spend a lot of time and share a lot of good memories with my friends but I wasnt able to, But im still Happy i get to meet them".

It was already a surprise that Kang Ji Young still attended her graduation ceremony despite her busy schedule as KARA is busy preparing for their upcoming concerts, but she still made time and even invited her teachers and friends to attend KARA's concert.