[News] Kang Ho Dong donates real states to hospital

Kang Ho Dong, who is on temporary leave from the entertainment industry, has donated his entire Pyeongchang real estate land to the Asan Medical Center.

According to the Asan Medical Center, Kang Ho Dong started contacting the Center since November 2011, and after much deliberation on donation methods and amount, he decided to donate his land in Kangwon Pyeongchang, and has finished going through all legal processes.

A source stated, "Kang Ho Dong has been volunteering to help child patients at the Seoul Asan Medical Center since three years ago. He started discussing the details of his donation since his retirement last year. As a father himself, he wanted to do something special for children at the medical center. Kang Ho Dong and the Seoul Asan Medical Center's Social Welfare branch recently finalized the donation process."

Kang Ho Dong revealed, “It makes me happy to think that I can make someone else happy. I decided to make the donation after seeing the medical support Asan Medical Center provided to those patients in need.”

Kang Ho Dong purchased the real estate in two parts, once in 2009 for around $700,000 and again in 2011 for around $1,300,000 and revealed that it was a long-term investment.