[News] Jessica Talks About Her First Attempt in Acting!

Jessica expressed positive feelings on her first time acting in a drama.
Girls’ Generation’s Jessica is playing the role of Kang Jonghee in the KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama, “Wild Romance”. Although Jessica has starred in a musical before, this would be her first attempt in acting.
The Jessica we saw through the interview was a person who was nervous but overflowing with willpower. On the subject of new challenges, Jessica stated, “I am having fun with it. I wish there was more time, so I’m sad.” Jessica also said, “It is true that my appearance on ‘Wild Romance’ was decided in a rush. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare because there was also a lot of overseas schedules for Girls’ Generation. I feel a bit sad that I couldn’t focus on just the drama. However, I’m really happy that I could experience something new.”
Girls’ Generation is currently active not only in Korea, but also in Asia, as well as the United States and Europe. Despite all the activities they had, it did not change during the filming of “Wild Romance”. Jessica even had to return to Korea first, alone, after completing schedules overseas. Jessica, who usually sleeps a lot, had to continue on acting with barely any sleep. Jessica said, “I could not get a lot of sleep. I was worried I would look tired in the drama. It is true that I was physically exhausted.” She laughed and added, “However, there were a lot of things that I learned through this drama.”
In the drama, Jessica had to cry in many scenes. This is difficult for a first drama attempt. On this, Jessica stated, “Emotional scenes were actually the most fun for me. I like myself focusing and immersing myself in an emotion.”
Recently, Jessica was “dumped” by the male lead in the drama, Park Mooyeol, who is played by Lee Dongwook. When asked about how it felt to be “dumped”, her cheeky personality showed and Jessica laughed.
Jessica also reminisced on her kiss scene with Lee Dongwook.
Through a recent interview with NewsEn, Jessica talked about her kiss scene with Lee Dongwook that garnered much attention not too long ago. Jessica recalled, “I acted out a kiss scene elsewhere before. But at that time I ‘acted’ like I did, so I was really nervous about this one.”
She laughed and said, “Before we started filming, I was told, ‘You really have to do this kiss scene,’ and I got nervous.” Jessica seemed shy about it and also added, “I shot the kiss scene comfortably by just going along with Lee Dongwook sunbae’s lead.”
When asked, “Were there any NGs?” she answered, “There were NGs… There were lesser NGs than I thought. But, there were a lot of cut scenes, so we had to shoot a lot.”

Source: NewsEn 1 , NewsEn2
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
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