[news] Jay Park modified choreography due to public's request

Jay Park recently made a huge comeback with his new song "Know Your Name" however, the public seems to not feel comfortable watching Jay Park's sexy choreography with a female dancer at a point of the song's choreography.

Recently, on the 17th of February, Jay Park performed his new song "Know Your Name" on KBS "Music Bank" and performed the new modified choreography with the female dancer. Before, the audience felt that the dance with the female dancer was too sexual and uncomfortable to watch just like what happened to Trouble Maker's choreography.

Due to the request, Jay Park's team had to modify the choreography and minimize the physical contact between Jay Park and the female dancer and bring out stronger and powerful moves instead. Jay Parks agency said, "For the next stages of Jay Park, you will see a more powerful choreography and Jay Park will really come alive in the performance".