[News] IU, to be the first guest to Lee Hyori's "You and I"

The details for the first recording of Lee Hyori and Jung Jaehyung's "You and I" have been released, drawing much attention.

Returning to the TV after a whole 2 years, Lee Hyori will be recording the SBS music programme "You and I" on Feb 6th.

"You and I" will have Lee Hyori and Jung Jaehyung as the MCs and be broadcasted on Sunday nights (something similar to YHY Sketchbook style I think). The first guest on Feb 6th will be IU, who is close to Jung Jaehyung (the guy in the Good Day MV other than oppa, who also composed L'amant). IU will be presenting a variety of stages in concert style and showcasing her charm. Also, the meeting between 'Sexy queen' Lee Hyori and the 'Nation's little sister' IU is highly anticipated. Recording will be held at the SBS Production Centre.

Netizens have responded, "Looking forward to this even before the first broadcast", "It's the first meeting between IU and Lee Hyori, right?", "It would be great if she sings the song composed by Jung Jaehyung".

The first broadcast will be on February 26th.

Credit: squishyblob @ weheartiu