[NEWS] Interview with the brother of the deceased in Daesung's traffic accident

On the latest episode of KBS Entertainment Relay, controversies of idol group, Big Bang, was brought up again into the spotlight, disrupting their recent comeback preparations.

On a recently broadcasted episode of KBS Entertainment Relay on the 25th, a 15-minute segment titled ‘Big Bang, is their comeback a forgiven comeback?’ was reported. The main subject discussed throughout this segment was about the group’s comeback and whether or not their public comeback was still too early.

But a portion of this subject is far different from the existing truth. It also resulted in a massive group suspicion that all this was reported lopsidedly.

Entertainment Relay had recently met up with the mother of the deceased victim from the accident Daesung was involved. The mother stated in the interview with Entertainment Relay that, “He (Daesung) never even came near our home after he showed up to the funeral once” and that “We couldn’t even see his face at the funeral. And he definitely did not pay for the settlement costs.”

This was information began questioning Daesung and YG Entertainment’s statement that they had received forgiveness from the victim’s family and that everything was settled. Both sides of the story are completely different. Accordingly, the message from the mother, “We never even saw Daesung’s face” left many people in shock.

Immediately after the Entertainment Relay episode was broadcasted, many of Big Bang’s fans have begun backlashing on their personal SNS (social networking service) accounts. Many were wondering whether or not this was all just a hoax created by Entertainment Relay due to KBS and YG Entertainment’s uncomfortable and negative relationship and that it may all be just a scheme of revenge. In the year 2010, when YG decided not to let a comeback performance of Big Bang be on Music Bank, their relationship with KBS was fractured and troubled. Due to this incident, YG Entertainment and its artists did not participate in the KBS end-of-the-year ceremonies, nor did they participate in the overseas “Hallyu Concert” hosted by KBS.

So which is the truth? We needed to find out what exactly happened in the case of this recent issue with the victim’s family.

That is why E-Daily’s ‘Star-in’ had met up with a representative from the victim’s family, the older brother of the victim(surname: Hyun), to have an exclusive interview. Hyun had even stated that people were mistreating and misunderstanding him and his actions after the Entertainment Relay segment was aired as well.

After watching Entertainment Relay, what thoughts did you have at first?
▲ I had not watched the episode myself at the time until I received a few calls about it. That’s why I checked the internet to see what had happened, but after reading about it on the internet, I was angered at how one-sided the broadcast episode was. They made it seem like my aunt and I had purposely taken the compensation and settlement money for ourselves without telling the rest of our family members. It made the people around me mis-take me as some kind of person who betrayed his parents for money. Although I hadn’t responded to this situation formally yet, I still thought that I needed to do something about it.

Did the rest of the family really not see Daesung as claimed? Did no one see his face?
▲ When Daesung had first found his way to the funeral, we did get angry with him; but as he kept apologizing numerous times and we forgave him numerous times, how is it possible that we didn’t see him? Of course we saw him and he looked very pitiful. Although the pain of losing my brother was grand, it was not a situation where Daesung was to be blamed for everything. Everything was extremely complex. Having thought of it (that not everything was Daesung’s fault) this way helped my heart calm down and I was able to converse with Daesung.

Did your family’s side and Daesung’s side not reach a settlement? Was compensation not received?
▲ On the morning of July 19, 2011, we did come to a settlement and compensation was made. Daesung was not able to do it personally, but a person who was helping Daesung out at the time had come to our house. At that time, my mother, my father, myself, and even my aunt were all there in the spot together. We were told that the parents of the victim needed to be present and everything was explained to my parents as well. They even signed the settlement and compensation agreement papers.

But in the interview with Entertainment Relay, the mother of the victim stated that no settlement and compensation was received.
▲ Like I already stated, why wouldn’t there have been a settlement or compensation? My mother is currently very ill. She recently received a diagnosis for a brain developmental disability (6th degree developmental disability) from the hospital. She is very unhealthy to the point her memory is unstable. It is to the point she barely even remembers her interview with Entertainment Relay. Even my father is ill.

Is it (the illness) due to the loss of her son?
▲ It is just from a chronic illness she has gained after a surgery she had undergone a few years ago. She was fine and her memory was still in tact, but with many hardships around the house and only having outpatient treatment available, her health got worse since all she could do was stay at home. As a son, it is a bit embarrassing.

Are you having family difficulties and circumstances? From the Entertainment Relay segment, it seemed to be a hard life your family is living.
▲ It is not as bad as it was portrayed in the show. The area we are living in is starting to undergo remodeling and redevelopment, so we were planning on moving in April. But with our parents’ condition, we just haven’t been cleaning up the house, that’s why it seemed so messy.

Is what Daesung said and talked about on SBS ‘Healing Camp’ all true?
▲ For the most part, yes, it is all true. There was nothing said far from the truth. I watched ‘Healing Camp’ myself. After the settlement and compensations were made, I had a cup of coffee with Daesung in the basement of the YG Entertainment building in Seoul and I said to him, “I would like to see you smiling brightly again in front of the world with confidence.” Even now, I want to see Daesung doing well. He is still a young friend afterall.

Why did Entertainment Relay decide to ignore you, the family’s representative, and choose to meet with your mother?
▲ I am frequently called to be on-duty and on-shift at the company I work at near Incheon Airport and I am always busy, always coming home late. My aunt usually comes and goes in and out of our house, but that day she had left to take care of some work. Entertainment Relay had come to our house during the hour only my parents were at home and carried on with the interview.

Irrelevant information omitted.

Source: Nate
Translated by : http://swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com