[News] INFINITE to release digital single "Cover Girl"

INFINITE will be releasing a new digital single of their song "Cover Girl" this week.

On February 22nd, Woollim Entertainment announced that the live version of their song "Cover Girl," which the group sang at their "Second Invasion" concert in Seoul, will be released in digital format on February 24.

"Cover Girl" was one of three additions to INFINITE's first full length album "Over the Top", when they revealed it as a repackage. The other two tracks were an orchestra version of "Be Mine", and its title track "Paradise".

Following the announcement, a short video teaser for the song was uploaded on Woollim's official Youtube channel. The music video will feature scenes from their concert which took place on February 11 and 12.

However, the agency added that INFINITE will not be promoting the song on any televised music programs.

In the meantime, INFINITE members are currently busy preparing for the "Second Invasion" concert in Japan which will take place at the Tokyo International Forum on February 25 and 26.

Check out the teaser below: