[News] INFINITE kicks off successful first concert

The 'trendy-idols' INFINITE held their successful first solo concert over the weekend.

On February 11th, the sold-out "Second Invasion" concert took place at the Seoul Olympic Park, showcasing INFINITE's powerful dances moves and hit songs in front of several thousand fans from not only Korea, but overseas as well.

The boys kicked off the concert with old favorites like, "Come Back Again" and "Hysterie". "It's a great honor to hold our first concert in Seoul and we want all of you to enjoy your time here," said leader Sunggyu greeting their fans.

In addition, INFINITE put up passionate performance of their hit songs "Tictoc" and "Wings" and slow things down with their ballads "Fixed Star" and "Can U Smile".

INFINITE also brought out their individual stages, starting with L's solo of "When I'm Next to You", teaming up with Sunjong in the piano. Leader Sunggyu gave rock-and-roll stage of "Because", Dongwoo and Hoya brought out their swag with “Crying” and “You Look Well” and followed by Woohyun who gave an emotional performance of “Time”.

The individual acts continued with the hilarious performance from Sungjong and Sungyeol with their rendition of Cube Entertainment's duo Trouble Maker's hit song "Trouble Maker".

The other members rejoined Sungjong and Sungyeol on stage for their song "Hidden Track" and performed the shuffle dance for hip tune "1/3".

During the second half of the performance, the members belted out their medleys "Real Story", "Cover Girl" and “White Confession (Lately)”, while the members tossed Valentine’s Day presents into the crowd. They also teased fans that the group will soon make their comeback.

As the concert came to a close, the boys came on stage with their songs "She's Back" and "Be Mine" and gave final remarks while members Dongwoo and Hoya shed tears and sang their last song "Entrust".

The members expressed, “This was such a happy and heart-fluttering time. We hope you will continue to cheer us on.” They made the fans laugh as they warned, “Don’t cheat on us until we come back.”

INFINITE finally reappeared for their encore performances of "Julia" and "Voice of My Heart".