[News] Han Ga In loves to drink and dance to 'Gee'

Actress Han Ga In has revealed a different side of herself to the press.

On February 13th, the actress attended the press conference for the upcoming movie, "Introduction to Architecture" which was held at the Seoul's Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University. During the event, director Lee Yong Joo along other cast members shared their thoughts and memorable moments from the movie's filming.

Director Lee revealed, “Han Ga In enjoys dancing at karaoke rooms while drinking somaek (soju and beer mixed together). She’s very different from her image.”

Han Ga In explained, “It’s an image I’ve hid for 10 years. I like somaek best out of all drinks. I also love hanging out with staff members.”

She continued, “One time, we all drank somaek together and then went to karaoke, where I sang and danced to Girls Generation's ‘Gee‘.”

In the movie, Han plays the ex-girlfriend of an architect who comes back after fifteen years. She works with the architect, Seung Min, (played by Uhm Tae Woong) to rebuild her house, and new feelings begin to develop between the two.

An Introduction to Architecture will hit theaters in March.

Source: enewsworld