[News] Girls’ Generation, “Debuting in America still feels like a dream”

Girls’ Generation, who had recently made a successful advancement into the American music market, expressed their feelings through a recent interview.

On February 6th, Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Seohyun appeared on JTBC’s ‘News 10’ segment ‘Dispatch Interview’.

Sooyoung revealed, “The members all sat together to watch our first appearance on American TV. Even while watching ourselves on TV, we still couldn’t believe what we were seeing, what we had done. And even now we still don’t.”

Seohyun continued, “Even though we were amazed at what we were seeing, we could still point out our mistakes during that performance. So we said to ourselves that we had to make sure to do better next time.”

On January 31st and February 1st, Girls’ Generation became the first Korean artist to appear on the American talk shows CBS’s ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ABC’s ‘Live! with Kelly’.

After appearing on these popular talk shows, media around the world began to focus on these girls. America’s famous media news provider, Wall Street Journal, even published an article about the girls’ success and about their future potential.

As soon as the girls returned to Korea, they held a short interview with JTBC’s reporters talking about their visit to America. Taeyeon confessed, “Surprisingly a lot of people recognized us while we were there. Not long ago while we were in Paris, quite a few people had recognized us when we were just looking around the Eiffel Tower. That was pretty amazing too.”

She continued, “It didn’t make us believe that it was because we were popular, but it just made us think that a lot of people must have watched our performance on the show.”

Sooyoung also expressed their hope to perform on bigger stages. “We hope that one day we will be able to perform at music award shows in America, such as the AMA or the EMMYs.”

Lastly, they talked about their wish of having their own private plane. “Not long ago some photos of us resting in the plane were released on a tabloid. If we had our own private plane, then we could rest in peace without having to worry about anything.” They also mentioned, “Also, in order to do a world tour, it would be nice to have our own private plane for that too.”

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Credits: tvreport.co.kr
Translated by: geeyoung123@fanwonder.com