[News] Girl group JQT announces disbandment

Girl group JQT has announced their disbandment, despite their plans of debuting in the U.S.

JQT previously gained interest because of their upcoming U.S. debut. They have been working with American producer Melvin Brown since last year, a producer who've worked with famous artists like Lady Gaga, Akon and T-Pain. The group also worked with producing team Ray and Renny, and had already recorded some songs.

However, JQT's contract with their agency GP Entertainment has expired and the members did renew it. The agency stated, "Our contract with the JQT members has ended, and the members did not renew it. We are going over the plans of their American debut, but it seems like it's not likely to happen."

It has been revealed that JQT members Min Jung, Ga Jin, Ji Eun will join up with Lee Ji Hoon’s agency EC Ebenezer and start over as a new girl group "As the One".