[News] G-Dragon chosen by Forbes Korea as one of the TOP 40 "Korea 2030 Power Leaders"

Big Bang's G-Dragon has recently been chosen by Forbes Korea to be one of the TOP 40 "Korea 2030 Power Leaders"! The categories for the respective leaders includes IT, Finance, Art and Design, Entertainment, Music as well as Food and Wine. Outstanding leaders from the respective categories in their 20s and 30s are chosen to be in the TOP 40.

Translations: G-Dragon (Kwon JiYong, 24)

Idol group Big Bang’s leader. He is well known for his musical abilities of composing, singing and producing. He wrote Love Song, Tonight and Haru Haru and most of Big Bang’s main title songs. They appaeraed in last year’s MBC Infinity Challenge that create a positive topic. They also received the MTV Worldwide Act last November 2011 at Northern Ireland.

G-Dragon is chosen under the music section. There were only 6 leaders chosen from the music industry and out of the 40 leaders as a whole, G-Dragon is the only idol as well as the youngest leader to make it up to the list at the age of 24 for his accomplishments in producing and writing songs, as well as his outstanding dancing and singing abilities.

Forbes Korea mentioned that being the youngest leader to make it into the list, to idol group Big Bang's leader G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), "Singing and dancing is a basic and a deserved reputation for producing outstanding ability. He is the one behind many Big Bang hit songs such as 'Love Song' Tonight ' and 'Haru Haru'.

Source: Forbes Korea//  062518@tumblr