[News] Eunjung and Hyomin "We're like a couple who came for our honeymoon"!

T-ara's Eunjung and Hyomin had a fun time last night to release their stress after finishing their schedules.

The two had a fun playful time and here's Hyomin who shared, "Taking a rest on the bed after completing schedules. Passionately took pictures for me since I looked like a leopard from Kilimanjaro today. We're like a couple who came for our honeymoon, had a fun time honghong~~~^^".

Eunjung took Hyomin photos and in the return she also took a photo of Eunjung and labeled it "the look of passionate photographer Ham..." to with Eunjung replied with "found my purpose in life yesterday... the fun of taking pictures with you since trainee days.. quite pleasing kyaaaa ♥ "

Hyomin looks like a leopard from kilimanjaro? its up to you to decide because she also share a photo of the leopard saying 'this?" and Eunjung replied "i told you. i thought i was taking pictures of an animal at first ..0.0 worked so hard.. kekekekek "

Sources: taraworld and Eunjung and Hyomin's Twitter