[News] DSP Media denies rumors regarding Goo Hara's contract expiration

DSP Media has ceased the circulating rumors regarding KARA Goo Hara's contract expiration in August 2012.

On February 22nd, a representatvie from DSP Media explained, "KARA signed a contract with Universal Music Japan for their Japanese distribution in August 2010 and that contract would will expire on August of 2012."

"DSP Media is currently in discussion with Universal Japan for an extension as the group's contract will be ending in August 31st. Goo Hara, along with Ji Young, Gyuri, Nicole, and Seungyeon all have different termination dates for their contracts, but they are still under contract with DSP Media for another 2 years," the official stated.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that Goo Hara is the only member who hasn’t extended her contract with the girl group’s current agency DSP Media, making her a free agent this August. The agency denied the reports and further explained it as KARA has been taken aback by these rumors.