[News] CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk travels Japan-Korea to “keep his promise” despite his busy schedule

Kang Minhyuk, member of male rock band CNBLUE is indeed a professional and is loyal to his work.

Even though his band is currently in the middle of their nationwide Fan Club Tour in Japan, Kang Minhyuk made time and flew back to Korea earlier today to attend the press conference for KBS2′s new weekend drama “My Husband Got A Family” and his appearance at the event attracted the media. The press conference was held at Seoul Imperial Palace at 2 PM.

All throughout the course of the press conference, Kang Minhyuk appeared to be doing his job well, as one of the cast in the new drama.

A representative from Kang Minhyuk‘s agency said,”In order to attend the press conference, he (Minhyuk) flew back to Korea this morning from Japan. It’s his busy day today, but he was strongly determined to attend this event. He will fly back to Japan at 4.30 PM (local time) and CNBLUE‘s next gig will start at 7.30 PM.”

Kang Minhyuk said at the press conference,“For this drama I will be playing as Kim Namju noona’s brother.” He also added, “This would be my first time acting as a “playboy”, but I will try my best to portray the character well,” revealing his strong determination.

Meanwhile, “My Husband Got A Family” (based on KBS World title) tells a story about a “competent orphan” who’s also a successful career woman Cha Yunhui (Kim Namju). She met and married a surgeon Bang Gwinam (Yoo Junsang) not knowing the “storm” she would be facing living with her in-laws. The drama will start its first broadcast on February 25.

Source: BizHerald
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm