[News] Cho Young Nam gives G-Dragon a warning!

Cho Young Nam has given G-Dragon a warning.

On a broadcast of SBS ‘Good Morning’ that aired on the 20th, Cho Young Nam gave an honest warning directed towards G-Dragon, drawing in much attention.

When the interviewer asked Cho Young Nam if he was aware that G-Dragon had chosen him as a role model, a short footage was revealed on this broadcast when G-Dragon had said this on another program, “Cho Young Nam is also my role model. I am very envious of how free he is.”

In regards to G-Dragon’s statement, Cho Young Nam conveyed a warning message to G-Dragon that aroused an uproar of laughter. He said, “If you take after or become like me, it’s going to be a huge problem,” also causing more laughter when he added, “With girl problems and such… don’t ever become like me.”

Cho Young Name elaborated with honesty, “The only reason for my many girlfriends is because I easily spend a lot of money. If I didn’t have or spend so much money, they would not make me their boyfriend.”

Source: Nate // Translation by swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com